ABOUT Sickday

With decades of collective experience, SickDay is New York's trusted house call and telemedicine service

Naomi Friedman, Founder:Chief Medical Of

One Woman's Vision: Personalized Health Care


Naomi Friedman founded Sickday after she spent years working in hospitals and private physician practices. Dissatisfied with the level of patient care she was able to provide in these traditional medical environments, Naomi started visiting patients in their homes. With medical bag in hand, she traversed New York by foot, bus, and subway to treat acute, urgent medical conditions.

These values-based beginnings and Naomi’s belief that all patients deserve personalized health care still drive Sickday today and led The New York Times in 2001 to call her "The city’s angel of mercy."

Our close-knit team has cared for thousands of New York City’s residents, businesspeople, visitors alike. In the process, we’ve pioneered the house call field and reintroduced it as a viable model for modern healthcare.