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Swab (PCR) testing at home

$300 up to 4 family members

Results in 2-3 days

Antibody (blood test) at home

$300 up to 4 family members

Results in 15 minutes

What is it?

​A nasal swab test to diagnose COVID-19 determines if you currently have the disease. You may have COVID-19 and be asymptomatic.

​What is it?

Antibody testing determines whether you had COVID-19 in the past and now have antibodies against the virus.

When you need to do it?

  • If your child is starting school and will attend in person.

  • If you have been in contact with someone who has or is suspected to have COVID-19.

  • If you live with, or planning to visit elderly or vulnerable people.

  • If you are planning to travel and require a proof that you are PCR negative.

  • If you have COVID-19 symptoms.

When you need to do it?

  • If you want to know whether you had COVID-19 infection in the past. It may also mean that you have some immunity. But there's a lack of evidence on whether having antibodies means you're protected against reinfection with COVID-19. 

  • People who've recovered from COVID-19 may be eligible to donate plasma, a part of their blood. This plasma could be used to treat others with severe disease and boost the ability to fight the virus.

How is it done?

Our licensed Medical Practitioner will visit you at home and use a cotton swab to collect samples from your nasopharyngeal cavity. It does not hurt but may be uncomfortable. It only takes a few seconds. The sample will be sent to a New York authorized laboratory for analysis and we will call you with your results in 2-4 days.

How is it done?

Our licensed Medical Practitioner will visit you at home and collect a drop of blood from your finger. The sample will be tested immediately and you will have results in 15 min while we are still at your home. You will have all the needed time to discuss with your Medical Practitioner any questions you have about your test.

Benefits of getting tested at home:

  • Avoid taking your children to the pediatrician or hospital for test.

  • Avoid hospitals, waiting rooms and the risk of getting infected.

  • Save precious time

  • Most insurance companies will cover the cost for the test. SickDay provides you with a receipt with all the proper codes that insurances require. 

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