On-site testing designed for large groups and communities

SickDay, with over a decade of experience in Serving New York communities, plays a significant role in the re-opening of schools and businesses post-COVID-19.

Make SickDay On-site Testing part of your re-opening strategy

As our city re-opens and businesses strive to adjust to the "new normal", COVID-19 testing capacity and onsite COVID-19 testing capabilities are important. New York City has been named "the most responsible city in the USA" during the pandemic. We help maintain New York's success during the pandemic and protect our citizens. SickDay on-site testing offers:

FDA approved Swab test

SickDay only uses FDA approved COVID-19 Swab tests that have the highest reliability, are easy to use and well tolerated with minimal discomfort. We ensure fast results within 2-3 days.

Testing at scale

SickDay Licensed Medical professionals will visit your organization and administer the test at scale to any number of employees required.

Ease of booking

SickDay on-site COVID-19 testing can be ordered with a short notice with a quick phone call or online. Results will be communicated back to you or your employees in a compliant manner.

Find out how SickDay can help your organization's re-opening strategy and keep your employees and their families safe.

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