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During COVID-19 it is more important than ever to get the Flu shot. Book a Flu shot house call and get yourself and your family vaccinated now.

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The Flu and COVID-19

The Flu and COVID-19 symptoms may be identical. For this reason, it is extremely important to vaccinate for the Flu this season, because If you get the Flu and have symptoms identical to COVID-19 you will have to self isolate until a proper differential diagnosis is made. Additionally you may need to be admitted to hospital and treated under the assumption that you actually suffer from COVID-19. 


For this reasons, please consider vaccinating as soon as possible. SickDay Medical Providers will visit you at home and administer the Flu vaccine to the entire family.

The Flu

It is likely that most people have at one time or another experienced the flu. Catching the flu can be very unpleasant and may leave you feeling run down or even bedridden for multiple days. Being aware of symptoms of the flu, and how to care for yourself when you have the flu is important, but you should also ensure you are educated about the flu vaccine and what it can do for you. 


For large groups and businesses


What to Look Out For: Flu Symptoms

The most common symptoms of the flu include a very sudden onset of fever (a temperature above 100.4°F), body aches, a sore throat and dry cough, diarrhea or vomiting, headaches, and difficulty sleeping. Many of these symptoms should go away on their own and can be managed by drinking plenty of fluids, and getting a lot of rest. 


The Flu Vaccine

For many people the flu can be potentially very serious and even fatal. Thousands of people end up hospitalized for the flu every year, making it crucial to receive the flu vaccine, especially if you have been advised to do so. Flu vaccines are available in doctor’s offices, and may also be available in clinics, college health centers, and are even offered in many offices and schools. The flu vaccine works by stimulating the production of protective antibodies in the body, which are able to fight infections that cause the flu if you become infected later on. It takes up to two weeks for these antibodies to develop following the flu vaccine, and can help reduce severity of symptoms, or even prevent the development of any at all.