Our expert team works to reduce your medical bills, managing claims and negotiating directly with insurance companies, hospitals, and billing agencies. If your bill is too high, contact us today and let us take a look to see if we can help you.



Our team has years of experience working with insurance companies, hospitals, and physicians. We will review your medical bills. 


We start working on your case within 4-5 business days and can obtain a discount in anywhere from a few days to a few months.


We have reviewed multiple claims from patients and saved them up to 70% of medical expenses from their initial bill.

4 out of 10 Americans that go to the hospital will receive a bill in the mail that they will be responsible for, even if they have insurance.

SickDay Patient Advocate program can help by working with providers to negotiate down unpaid medical bills.

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Whether you’re insured or not, medical bills can quickly get out of control. Our Patient Advocate program saves you money in two strategic ways: we work on your behalf to obtain discounts on high medical bills.

Medical Claims

For many, the cost of medical bills can simply be too much to bear. Many patients are left with crippling debt that can crush them. Our Patient Advocate program offers a solution for those looking to reduce the cost of medical claims.

Our Patient Advocate program works to obtain discounts for clients on their medical claims. We work on medical claims of at least $5,000 that are issued by insurance company, hospitals, physicians, collection or billing agency. 

To get you a discount on your medical claims, our team will go over all the details of the claim, checking for any billing mistakes like an overcharge. We’ll compare the amount you were charged to the average rate for your network and average out-of-network rates. If we find your rate is too high, we can reach out to the insurance company, hospital or physician and negotiate the rate down for you, or even have it replaced altogether.

Medical Payment Assistance

Unfortunately, medical care can get expensive, even if you have health insurance. A trip to the emergency room can leave you with an extremely high bill that might just be a little out of your budget. That’s where we can step in and help.


We offer medical payment assistance to help those that need it. We can negotiate with insurance companies, hospitals, or physicians to help bring the costs of your medical bills down, making them more affordable.


So, if you are anywhere in NYC, and are facing extremely high medical bills, give us a call today so we can help. 


A breakdown by Single Care found that the surge in medical debt is fueled largely by hospital visits, surgeries, and diagnostic lab tests. The top ten most costly surgeries in the U.S. combine for a head-spinning $77.8 billion in expenses. In total, the U.S. spends nearly $3.5 trillion on healthcare every year. It’s no wonder nearly two-thirds of bankruptcy cases cite medical debt as the primary reason, often because health insurance wasn’t enough to cover necessary surgeries.

Consider some of the most common surgeries and their expenses:

  • Hip Replacement Surgery - $40k

  • Knee Replacement Surgery - $40k

  • Gallbladder Removal - $32k

  • Cardiac Bypass Surgery - $123k

  • Cardiac Valve Surgery - $170k

  • Cardiac Transplant Surgery - $1.382m

  • Spinal Fusion - $110k

Stop allowing your medical finances to be controlled by an industry that doesn’t have your best interest at heart. Avoid the devastating statistics of medical debt by giving Sickday Patient Advocate the opportunity to save you up to 70% on your medical bills.

If you have unpaid medical bills or current medical claims not moving forward, then turn to Sickday Patient Advocate. We proudly assist clients in the New York City area with medical debt relief.

Contact us to review your claim.